I am both humbled and thrilled at the overwhelming response we have received from the recent write up in the Woodstock Times. I have been inundated with emails and calls from all over the country. There have been some common questions that have arisen and that I thought best addressed as follows:

  1. I am still very much disabled and pacing my business so that I can manage the outpouring of interest.
  2.  I am working on getting the eCommerce section of the site up and running asap so that orders can be filled online.
  3. This product did not “cure” my brain tumor. I underwent a crainiotomy and then suffered a stroke which led to nine surgeries to date.
  4. I re-investigated this project as a means of creating a new life path as I am no longer able to maintain a rigorous work schedule.
  5. I personally began consuming one of the herbs in my tonic, Mira Puama as it was traditionally used to regenerate  nervous system function post paralysis.
  6. This product contains Guarana which has naturally occurring caffeine. The “Our Roots” section of this site has Wiki-links which explain each herb in depth.
  7. My tonic is not “homebrewed” but rather produced in a local kitchen that is  inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Markets and is registered with the FDA.
  8. We have one product which is a blend of three herbs from the Amazon. It can be purchased at Duo Pantry in uptown Kingston and at Oriole9 in Woodstock.
  9. Our company in no way offers to cure, treat or prevent disease. If you have medical concerns, I suggest consulting with a medical professional.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to shoot us an email and I will do my best to respond.

Thank you for your interest and all the best,


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